Pascal Stoop

CEO & Technical Director

President of the Board of Directors

Pascal is a trained application developer with a Bachelor of Science in Film/Visual Effects & 3D Animation. During his basic training, he took the plunge into self-employment and has since realized countless projects for national and international companies.

With his extensive know-how and versatile expertise, he leads the technical implementation at Fiberjungle and, through his visionary approach, creates innovative solutions that are always at the limit of what is possible. In addition, he shares his knowledge as a lecturer at various technical educational institutes and vocational training centers in Zurich.

He finds balance and new energy in his private life by practicing various sports and traveling.

Özlem Altas

CEO & Art Director

Member of the Board of Directors

Özlem graduated from high school and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree through her studies Arts degree in Interactive Animation & Game Development. She gained professional experience as a supervisor in game development and successfully demonstrated her leadership skills as a manager in the sales department.

At Fiberjungle, she is the driving force behind the design process of software development. Through her extensive expertise in the design of audiovisual media, she realizes visions of fascinating and Customized digital worlds. In addition, as a lecturer, she imparts her knowledge and passion to technical educational institutes in Zurich.

In her free time, she devotes herself to strategy games and gathers new impressions while traveling.

Tayfun Celiker

Member of the Board of Directors

Tayfun is our bridge builder. Establishing relationships, connecting people with each other so that everyone can benefit – this credo accompanied his working life. Initially in management positions at various media companies (e.g. a. NZZ and TX Group). At the same time, he lectured in marketing and communication. Later, he was director of the umbrella organization of the Swiss real estate industry, SVIT Switzerland, for 16 years.

Today, as a member of the Board of Directors, he brings his broad network, diverse industry knowledge, and 45 years of professional experience in the company. He is convinced by the strategy, the potential, the creative founders and the great working atmosphere.

In his spare time, he enjoys politics, literature and communication in order to expand his knowledge and deepen his knowledge in a wide range of topics.

Guido Bürgin

Member of the Board of Directors

Guido is our thinker and strategy expert. He holds a Master of Science in Mathematics and over 20 years of management experience in finance in numerous roles and areas of responsibility. He is currently working as a director in the Sales & Marketing department of a leading Swiss financial services provider in the internationalenvironment. Guido has extensive project experience, brings people together and always finds suitable solutions.

With his broad network, extensive industry knowledge and many years of project experience, Guido supports Fiberjungle in expanding and exploiting its full potential.

At the same time, he explores new horizons with his commercial pilot license.

Séverine Bürgin

Member of the Board of Directors

Séverine is our expert in vision-oriented solutions. With 25 years of experience in the financial sector, especially in the area of pensions and financial advice for management and as a member of the staff, she brings a broad knowledge to our team. Since founding her company, she has been working with and for different companies in various industries.

Séverine supports Fiberjunglein accompanying its customers on their way to a sustainable business and supporting them in their transformation into the digital era by means of solutions with real added value and vision.

In her private life, she enjoys valuable family time and lets her creativity flow into the design of loving works.

Thomas Kasahara

Advisory Board & Legal Counsel

Thomas is our contact person for legal issues. With 30 years of experience as a legal expert, legal consultant and real estate trustee (SMEs, large companies, associations and public authorities), he has a broad spectrum (real estate, fiduciary and financial sector). His management, staff and front-line experience as a problem solver, as well as his further development as a certified coach and mediator, are helpful in this regard.

In 2006, he founded his own company with a focus on consulting, coaching, mediation and further education. As a lecturer for legal and real estate topics, he is convinced that gamification is the approach to sustainably increase learning success in a playful way.

In his private life, he finds inspiration and ideas in nature and keeps his feet on the ground in his own garden.


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