Product configurators

Discover the innovative world of web-based 3D configurators and create a unique, interactive shopping experience for your customers. With our configurators it is possible to visualize, customize and personalize your product in real time.

Our configurator plugin can be easily integrated into any website or webshop system and allows the configured or designed product parameters to be forwarded, for example for the ordering process in the webshop or for the generation of specific print or production data.

What is the added value of product configurators?

Personalized customer experience

Web-based 3D product configurators allow customers to customize and design products according to their individual preferences. This gives them a unique and personalized experience that increases their engagement and loyalty to the product.


Pre-visualization in high-quality 3D helps the customer understand the final look and feel of the product even before making a purchase decision. This leads to increased interest, longer time spent on the site, and ultimately an increase in sales.

Error avoidance

Product configurators provide real-time validation to ensure that customers select the right options and don’t create erroneous configurations. This avoids mistakes and misunderstandings.

Efficient production processes

Product configurators enable the automatic generation of specific production data, which makes the processes of product development and manufacturing more efficient and precise.

We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities of 3D configurations for your product.

How does 3D work on the web?

Thanks to revolutionary web technology, the future of the 3D experience is becoming a reality. Without the hassle of an additional software installation, 3D content can now be viewed directly in any modern web browser. Whether you’re on your desktop or on the go on your mobile phone, this groundbreaking technology works seamlessly on any platform. Experience the limitless freedom to view the 3D product from any angle imaginable, configure and personalize it as you wish.

Room configurators

3D room configurators are revolutionizing the way spaces are designed and visualized. Depending on their needs, your customers can design the rooms virtually, place furniture and furnishings and even simulate lighting scenarios.

A big advantage is the time and cost savings. 3D room configurators make it possible to virtually test different scenarios and facilities before expensive physical prototypes have to be created. This allows you to work more efficiently, avoid mistakes and make the best use of resources.

What is the added value of 3D room configurators?

Interactive design

3D room configurators allow users to actively participate in the design process. You can place furniture and interior items, customize colors and materials, and try different options. This promotes creativity and allows for individual adaptations.

Better Collaboration

By sharing virtual space visualization, all participants can better communicate and understand their ideas and visions.


By being able to offer virtual tours and personalized room design, you can make your marketing and sales efforts more effective.

PDF export

In addition to an interactively designed room visualization, a detailed PDF of the entire configuration can be generated at the push of a button, individually tailored to your workflow.

We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities of 3D configurations for your company.

An excerpt of our portfolio


Wallbox configurator

With the wallbox configurator, companies and private households have the opportunity to create unique wallbox designs themselves. The color of the charging station can be customized and there is the option to [...]


Lorzensaal Configurator

We had the honor to develop a web-based solution for event planning for Lorzensaal Cham. Thanks to the interactive 3D visualization, customers can customize the hall of their event and adapt it to their needs.


Exhibition stand configurator

With our exhibition stand configurator, users have the opportunity to make their exhibition stand interactive and to configure and place pieces of furniture according to their wishes. This facilitates spatial imagination and supports the [...]


Virtual exhibition configurator

Thanks to these features, trade fair organizers and exhibitors can digitally expand their presence at the trade show and offer visitors an interactive and informative experience. The ability to combine multimedia content with statistics [...]


Slate Configurator

With our 3D online designer, customers have the opportunity to easily design the desired products in real time in Memento's webshop. By using the designer, the personalized product is immediately [...]


Advent Calendar Configurator

By combining real-time visualization, interactive personalization and generation of print data, the Advent Calendar Configurator offers a user-friendly and efficient tool to design individual Advent calendars [...]

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