Müller window in 360°

Müller Fenster, Thurgau

Müller Fenster AG, on behalf of luna:mediadesign GmbH

The virtual tour of Müller Fenster AG in Frauenfeld offers viewers a detailed insight into the premises and the entire facility. With 16 panoramic images and an additional picture gallery, the tour presents the different areas and shows the variety of products on offer.

Particularly impressive is the drone image, which provides a comprehensive overview of the entire site. This virtual tour is a powerful marketing tool to convey to potential customers the quality and offer of the company Müller Fenster AG. It increases the visibility of the company and helps to leave a positive impression on visitors.

By being able to explore the premises virtually, interested parties can make informed decisions and build trust in the company. The virtual tour is therefore an effective way to further expand the presence and success of Müller Fenster AG.

Our services:
Consulting, conception, photography on site with special equipment, drone recording, stitching & color correction & retouching panorama images, creation of virtual tour, integration of additional image gallery, preparation & integration into website

Web technologies used:
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, TypeScript, WebGL, PHP