Pension Strem in 360°

Pension Strem, Graubünden

Tgesa Strem GmbH, on behalf of luna:mediadesign GmbH

The virtual tour of Pension Strem in Sedrun offers viewers a realistic insight into the premises and idyllic surroundings. With 16 impressive panoramic images, the rooms, common areas and the scenic beauty of Sedrun are presented.

The virtual tour allows potential guests to get an accurate picture of the property and feel the atmosphere on site. This is a valuable marketing tool to arouse the interest of potential visitors and make it easier for them to decide to stay at Pension Strem.

The virtual tour is an effective way to increase the visibility and awareness of the guesthouse and to leave a positive impression on visitors.

Our services:
Consulting, conception, on-site photography with special equipment, stitching and color correction of panorama images, integration of customer logo, creation of virtual tour, preparation & integration into website

Web technologies used:
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, TypeScript, WebGL, PHP