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With our 3D online designer, customers have the opportunity to easily design the desired products in real time in Memento’s webshop. By using the designer, the personalized product is immediately displayed in the desired form, so that it can be viewed in 3D from all angles before purchase.

This feature allows customers to get an accurate idea of what the finished product will look like even before it is purchased. This allows them to ensure that the design and layout meet their expectations.

At the same time, the 3D online designer generates the required print data, which is used for the production of the individually printed articles. This simplifies the ordering process and ensures that the printed items meet the customer’s specifications exactly.

With this combination of real-time visualization and automated generation of print data, Memento’s online 3D designer provides a convenient and efficient way to design and order personalized products.

Our services:
Consulting, conception, 3D models, programming of 3D viewers, print PDF generation, preparation and integration into websites

Web technologies used:
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, TypeScript, WebGL, PHP, Typo3