Törlenmatt housing estate in 3D

3D apartment overview Törlenmatt, Hausen am Albis

Building Cooperative SILU

With our advanced 3D real estate plugin, clients can explore the apartments they are looking for online in an intuitive 3D representation. Compared to traditional 2D plans, our 3D floor plans provide an improved visual representation of the settlement. This allows customers to better understand the spatial relationships and get an accurate picture of the layout and structure of the apartments and buildings.

Our plugin allows customers to interactively access the apartment information, which is linked to the corresponding 3D models. This creates a dynamic and interactive experience that is supported by engaging animations.

Thanks to the unique combination of settlement overview and detailed 3D floor plans, our 3D real estate plugin offers invaluable support in the search for an apartment. They can orient themselves more easily and understandably, make informed decisions and ultimately find the perfect apartment for their individual needs.

Our services:
Consulting, conception, design, 3D models, integration of apartment information & pictures & floor plans, programming of 3D viewer functionalities & table, preparation & integration into website

Web technologies used:
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, TypeScript, WebGL, PHP, Typo3