3D floor plans

Whether rooms, apartments or entire developments/hotel complexes – an interactive 3D visualization makes it easier for the customer to gain an optimal impression.

Our 3D Room-Visualizer plugin enables the interactive display of real estate visualizations using 3D floor plans on your website. Using our admin interface, details about each apartment as well as documents, pictures or 360° tours can be added with just a few mouse clicks.

The interactive 3D properties can be linked to relevant apartment information, various documents, useful links and impressive image galleries. But that’s not all! In addition, customers can use 360° virtual tours to move around the property and explore every nook and cranny. The seamless integration of this innovative technology is effortless via iFrame or the Javascript API and can be integrated into any website system.

Different levels of detail

With our tailor-made visualizations, customers have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Whether it’s integrating the floor plan as a floor or adding realistic floor textures such as parquet or tiles – we leave nothing to be desired. In addition, we offer a furniture library from which customers can choose their dream interior.

What is the added value of 3D floor plans?

Improved spatial imagination

3D floor plans provide realistic visualization that gives customers a better idea of the room design and layout, which helps in decision-making.

Virtual exploration of the premises

Clients can move around the premises interactively and virtually, or navigate throughout the property to explore all aspects of the living space – this can lead to increased customer satisfaction and a deeper understanding of the property.

Time saving

Customers can virtually explore the living space before physically viewing it, which saves time and can reduce the number of on-site visits.

Virtual Presentation & Competitive Advantage

3D floor plans can be easily shared through digital channels such as websites or real estate portals, which increases reach and appeals to potential buyers. In addition, the use of 3D floor plans as a differentiating feature can stand out from competitors and increase the interest of potential buyers.

Schematic visualizations

Schematic visualizations provide a precise yet simplified representation of an apartment as a floor plan block. They make it possible to convey important information about the floor plan and orientation in the property in an easy-to-understand way. Schematic visualizations serve as a valuable tool for real estate developers, realtors, and potential buyers or tenants to facilitate decision-making when looking for the ideal home.

360° Virtual Tours

With a virtual tour, you offer your customers a unique insight into your premises. Several 360° images form a virtual tour of your company, which can be explored using desktop, tablet, smartphone or VR glasses.

The 360° Virtual Tours are interactive, virtual tours that allow customers to move through different rooms or locations in a 360-degree view. They are created with the help of special camera equipment that captures images from all angles and stitches them together to create a seamless overall picture.

The advantages of 360° virtual tours for customers are manifold:

Realistic experience

Customers can explore the surroundings as if they were in real life and get the feeling that they are actually there. You can look around freely, look up and down, and move in all directions.

Time and cost savings

Customers can use a 360° virtual tour to virtually explore a place without actually having to travel there. This saves time and costs for travel and allows customers to visit different places from the comfort of their homes.

Interactive elements

Virtual tours can also contain interactive elements, such as hotspots with further information or linked image galleries/videos. Customers can gain additional insights and get even better information.

Integrated floor plans

Embedded floor plans provide an expanded level of space orientation and planning for customers. They help customers to better understand the spatial structure of a place, to orient themselves.

Competition via 360° Virtual Tour

Incorporating competition elements increases the interaction and engagement of participants as they explore the tour and add a gamified component. For example, participants could be given tasks or puzzles that they must solve within the tour in order to earn points. The competition can also be linked to rewards such as prizes or discounts for those who successfully complete the tour or achieve certain goals.

An excerpt of our portfolio


Prada’s holiday resort in 3D

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Richterwis housing estate in 3D

Our 3D real estate plugin opens up completely new possibilities for customers when looking for an apartment. Practical orientation aid within the Richterwis settlement – thanks to the detailed 3D display, users can easily find their way around the [...]


Auenring housing estate in 3D

In contrast to conventional 2D plans, the 3D floor plans offer a much more vivid representation of the Auenring settlement. Customers can better grasp the spatial relationships and get a more accurate picture of the [...]


Buchhalden housing estate in 3D

Apartments searched for online can be explored in a three-dimensional representation through our 3D real estate plugin. The detailed 3D floor plans were realistically modeled in order to optimally support the spatial imagination of the customers. Through the [...]


Törlenmatt housing estate in 3D

Thanks to the unique combination of settlement overview and detailed 3D floor plans, our 3D real estate plugin offers invaluable support in the search for an apartment. You can orient yourself more easily and understandably, make informed decisions and ultimately [...]

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